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All cold cuts made on site!

Gluten-free and MSG-free products available.

Homemade Sausage
We carry forty or more different varieties of sausages, from honey garlic to hot and spicy to sun-dried tomato and basil. Try something new today! Or bring in your own family recipe and we will prepare it for you (minimum order required).
Examples of products we make:

  • FRESH SAUSAGES: Farmers, Garlic, Italian, Honey Garlic
  • SMOKED SAUSAGES: Cheddar, Cranberry, Cajun
    * If you want to save the family sausage secret, bring in the seasonings already blended. All of our sausages are low in salt.

Ham & Bacon
All of our ham and bacon is low in salt. In our curing process, we use only a percentage of the recommended salt. Our meat is preserved perfectly and does not retain excess water, which leads to shrinkage when cooking.
Examples of products we make:

  • HAMS: Black Forest, Country Style, Honey Maple
  • BACON: Peameal, Double Smoked, Canadian Back Bacon, Maple, Regular

We only use Ontario-grown chicken produced according to our strict provincial standards. Free-range chickens are available seasonally.

Our brown eggs come from free-run chickens raised right here on the farm and are graded on-site meeting government standards. They are nourished with feed that is locally grown and blended on-site. We hold to strict standards that forbid drugs.

Meat Pies
Clara's homemade meat pies have become famous for their flaky crusts and special blends of meat and vegetables. From delicious tourtiere** to rich steak and vegetable pie to creamy turkey potpie, they're available in single servings to make dinner preparation easier than ever. Pies are available in both single and family size servings.

Wild Game Processing
ROESCH MEATS and more will custom process your game animal to your specific needs. Please call for more information.

Freezer Pack Orders
ROESCH MEATS and more specializes in cutting meat to our customers' specific requirements and packaging it in quantities that are suitable for your family's needs. There's no easier, economical or healthier way to feed your family than from a freezer full of quality Roesch meat cut to suit your family's tastes. Call us for details.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or would like a complete listing of what we have to offer, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide any information you may need.

*Minimum order restrictions may apply.
**Also available in large size for a full family meal.

Further Processing…

At ROESCH MEATS and more, we take pride in all of the products we make. Choose any one of our forty or more sausage products, or hams and bacon, and you can be sure that you are choosing quality. We only use fresh pork raised right here on the farm for our products, and the quality continues in the manufacture. Each and every time you choose ROESCH MEATS processed products, you can relax, and enjoy some of the finest processed products available.

Our flavour-filled pork is a result of locally-grown grain
For the most flavourful pork you'll find anywhere, come to ROESCH MEATS where we raise our own animals and control every step of the feed-making process. Our hogs are grain fed from locally grown corn, barley and soy meal, which are blended on-site with high levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Selenium to ensure freshness. You can be confident that our pork is of the highest quality and most flavourful you'll find anywhere. We do not use any medication in the animal feed or water.

Fine Sausage Products
If you like sausage, you've come to the right place. Here at ROESCH MEATS and more, sausage making is what we do best. At any time we carry forty plus sausages, ranging from our Original Farmers Sausage, to Smoked Cheddar, and just about all flavours in-between. We start with the finest ground spices available, combine those with time proven methods, and state of the art equipment, and make for you, possibly the best sausage products you can buy. We can even custom make any sausage or recipe for you. Minimum orders apply.

Hams and Bacon
Our hams and bacon are gaining a reputation for quality and taste with all of our customers. Only the finest cuts of pork are cured, using our own recipes and smoked with natural hardwood. This process ensures some of the finest tasting hams and bacon that the industry has to offer. With three different hams and five styles of bacon, you can be sure to find one that suits your tastes.

Quality Counts
Whether it be sausage or ham, all of our products are made lower in salt than the industry average. This allows for the natural flavour of the blended meats and spices to explode on your palette, and not on your BBQ! The sausages are all made to be lean and any cuts of pork are trimmed of excess fat. Perfect every time, you can count on that!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We know we offer the best meats in Chatham-Kent and are willing to back that promise with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you take home our quick frozen, specialty-cut, bulk pork or beef and are not fully satisfied, return the unused frozen meat and we will refund your money.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed